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Parking Tag

Exactly what you need for all your parking needs.  These parking tags are sturdy and able to withstand sunlight aplenty.

Total price $20.00
1 pcs. - 20 pcs. $4.00 / pcs.
21 pcs. - 50 pcs. $3.25 / pcs.
51 pcs. - 100 pcs. $3.00 / pcs.
101 pcs. - 1000 pcs. $2.25 / pcs.
    Article Number: PTAG
  • Weight: 0.05 lbs

Our custom printed parking permits are a specially designed identification tag customers can have hanging inside their vehicle.

Size and Shape: The size can be adjusted according to specific requirements.

Design and Customization: Your permit can be fully customized to reflect the issuing organization's branding and requirements using our online designer. It typically includes essential information such as the organization's logo, name, contact details, and a unique identifier (e.g., permit number or barcode). Additional elements like background color, borders, patterns, or symbols may be included to enhance the design.

Information Displayed: The permit prominently displays essential information for identification and enforcement purposes. This typically includes the permit holder's name or vehicle registration number, the permit's validity period, and any specific restrictions or conditions associated with the permit.

Benefits: Custom printed parking permits provide several benefits. They help regulate and manage parking spaces, ensuring authorized vehicles have designated areas to park. Permits also aid in the enforcement of parking policies, allowing security personnel or parking attendants to quickly identify vehicles that are not authorized to park in a particular area. Moreover, they enhance security, prevent misuse, and contribute to the overall organization and professionalism of a parking management system.

Overall, a custom printed parking permit serves as a visual indicator of authorized parking privileges and plays a crucial role in maintaining order and efficiency in parking facilities.

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