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Counter Mats

Why have a blank counter when you can use that area to generate revenue?  Our repositionable counter mats are perfect to better utilize your point of purchase area.

minimum value 11 in, maximum value 36 in
minimum value 8.5 in, maximum value 36 in
Total price $5.84
1.00 sq/ft - 10.00 sq/ft $4.50 / sq/ft
11.00 sq/ft - 99.00 sq/ft $3.00 / sq/ft
100.00 sq/ft - 100000.00 sq/ft $1.25 / sq/ft
    Article Number: CounterMat
  • Weight: 0.12986111111111 lbs

Our custom printed counter mats are a promotional item that is designed to be placed on a counter or tabletop surface. It serves both as a functional accessory and a marketing tool for businesses. The counter mat consists of a removable adhesive base that provides stability and prevents it from sliding around. The top is covered in textured laminate to preserve the vibrant colors and provides a comfortable resting place for various objects like computer mice, keyboards, or writing materials.

By using our online designer, you can create artwork that can include company logos, branding elements, promotional messages, or product images. The design can cover the entire surface of the mat or be strategically placed in specific areas, depending on the desired look.

These mats are versatile promotional items as they offer high visibility and repeated exposure to the printed message or logo. They are commonly used in retail stores, trade shows, banks, restaurants, and other establishments where customers interact with a counter or tabletop surface.

In summary, a custom printed counter mat is a functional and visually appealing accessory that combines branding and utility. It helps businesses enhance their brand awareness, promote products or services, and create a professional and inviting atmosphere in various commercial settings.

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